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Renos for Resale – Painting

Is painting the most important renovation to get your home sold?

Whoever said love is blind has clearly never tried to sell a home. Love at first sight is much more like it. When showing a home to my clients I like to remind them that the colour doesn’t matter, the furniture arrangement can have a big impact, and to try and look past personalized details and knickknacks. Nevertheless, I find bright colours, garish tones, and overly cluttered spaces do matter. No matter how perfect the layout may be, the interior decorating is important.

Knowing this, when I work with sellers, if they have bright, or harsh tones I often suggest they paint. I always feel I run the risk of offending a seller as taste is very personal, but when selling your home, you do not want to deter potential buyers. This is where it is usually my job to make sure easy fixes are done to get a property sold. It can make the difference between receiving a lot of showings and offers right when your home hits the market, or just an average amount of interest with a longer lead up to the sale. Which also may translate into a multiple bids vs a single offer.

Why does paint matter?

The goal of repainting prior to a sale is to prepare your home to be a blank slate. So a new owner to come in and personalize it the way they want. When there are already harsh tones buyers can be placed in a limited bias, once they see a room in a particular style it is difficult to imagine it with their own furniture. This can cast doubt on whether or not a home is right for them.

Trends that Age

Another reason to consider a fresh coat or two; there are many colours that undoubtedly reveal age. Hunter greens of the 90’s and yellow-beiges of the early 2000’s have a way of date stamping years since updating. Current neutral trends are leaning towards grey tones, whether warm or cool. Light grey in itself is an unobtrusive colour. It doesn’t jump out like a pink, orange, yellow or red. Some great examples are Behr’s Close Knit, Pumice or Shoreline Haze. Using different colours for different spaces can also have an impact. Warmer tones in kitchens and living rooms create a welcoming environment. Cooler tones in bedrooms make for a calming space, and the lightest colours being used in the smallest rooms, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and hallways to open up a restricted space.

Where to Start?

A great tool on the Behrs’ website is the view in room feature, you are able to see the different effects a pain colour has on the overall look of a room. This is a great tool to help visualize how a lighter/ darker colour will close or open a space.

A small change can make a world of a difference. If you are in the Waterloo Region and looking to prepare your home for sale; feel free to set up a free market evaluation. With over 13 years in real estate and 20 years of interior decorating experience, I can help you get top dollar for your home.

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