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A Buyers Checklist

A Buyers Checklist

With all the talk of a hot market in the Waterloo Region, and homes being snatched up quicker than signs can be placed in front lawns. Finding a home that works for you can be over shadowed by just finding a place to buy. By creating a buyers checklist you can help quickly narrow down your search and jump on a property that works for you.

Whilst it is important to move quickly to ensure you are even able to make an offer, there are somethings that need to be heavily considered before committing.


Does the square footage meet your needs? I have seen many families beginning to relax on their size requirements when the search begins to take a bit longer than anticipated. I would warn against this particularly for younger families, who may outgrow a home faster than anticipated.

There are many ways you can still get the square footage you want at a price that is in your budget. One way is expanding your search location wise. There are several smaller communities just outside Kitchener Waterloo that offer many benefits on a more manageable budget. One fantastic location to consider is Elmira.


Is the location of your potential new home leaving you with an extended drive time to and from work? Using google maps to calculate drive times during rush hour traffic is something that might help. Certain areas can be more prone to heavy traffic and slower drives than others. If you drive time is being extended is it a make or break?

Local Amenities/Neighbourhood

If you see certain features as very important to you make sure you still have access to them. Being close enough to parks or sports complexes if you have young children, restaurants or takeout if you are busy and on the go, or a gym if you enjoy your daily workouts.

Make it Easier

A home is not a purchase that should be rushed into. Particularly when it is one of the largest purchases of your life. When under tight frames it may be useful to create a checklist of must haves and sticking to it. It might take you a bit longer but it will save you stress in the long run. Working with a Realtor can help you narrow down the search. They also help you jump on your perfect home when it does come up. If you need help trying to find a home that meets your needs, I would be happy to help.

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